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We've Got Your Number, Europe

Insane line-up of statistical maps of Europe. Note in particular the maps of hair color and eye color. Also, on the ethnicity map, I’m sort of intrigued by that stub of Celtic-ness in northern Spain and Portugal…

December 6, 2007 / Uncategorized

One comment

That “stub” is Galicia. Roughly, Galicia is to Spain what Scotland is to Britain. It was independent until the time of Queen Isabel, and has regional autonomy today. It also has its own language, Galician, which is a kind of Celtic-inflected mix of Spanish and Portuguese, with its own Latin-derived twists.

One thing I didn’t know and learned from the language map is that Galicia was invaded by the Swabians (or Suevi), a Germanic tribe that in turn was fleeing the Huns.

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