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American Stakeholders, Part II

Remember this spring, when I was gushing about the American Stakeholder Act ($6,000 given to every child at birth for capital investments)? Apparently, no less bright a light than Hillary Clinton is all over the idea. Awesome. I wonder if the New America Foundation is working some kind of Manchurian Candidate-fu?

September 29, 2007 / Uncategorized


This is a fantastic idea. Whoever passes this legislation should make it retroactive – to, say, 2007. Or at least, September 2007. It’s only fair.


Another data point for the New American Foundation Manchurian Candidate theory: Hillary’s health care proposal is very similar to the idea that NAF has been circulating for the last few years. Who was one of the main spokesthinkers for NAF’s plan? Laurie Rubiner. And who is now a top aide to Hillary? Laurie Rubiner.

As much as I like this idea, I always forget how it will play in political reality. Yesterday’s post from the Strib’s conserva-blogger was a reminder. A sample:

Hillary Clinton as Santa Claus: Hillary Clinton

Yeah. That 2001 tax rebate, though? That was sound fiscal policy, for sure.

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