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Over at Steven Talcott Smith’s blog, tales of non-programmers writing software. Some really fun stories in there, all of which I am entirely sympathetic to, as someone who a) admittedly does not have The Knack for programming but b) really enjoys it anyway.

And besides, knack or not, I think it’s on its way to becoming a new required literacy. Sure sure, computers will get easier to program, and the gap between our intent and their instructions will close as they scootch our way — but you’ll still have to learn to think procedurally, to think in terms of objects or messages or other computer-y things.

And you’ll have to learn what && means. You always end up having to learn what && means.

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great link! i studied philosophy in school, became jobless, and then learned to write code/programs without external (institutionalized) training.

i feel the environment for acquiring information about writing software is more egalitarian than any other. for those who really want to learn/solve something, there are thousands of others who’ve done the same thing and are willing to share their experiences.

in order to learn almost any type of programming, all that is needed is an internet connection, a tolerance for phpBB boards and irc channels, and real motivation to do so.

i’m sure my views are clouded by my experiences, but i’ve yet to meet a programmer who didn’t learn their craft (and, perhaps most aptly: their love for their craft) outside of an institutional setting.

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