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Deep History (in 160 Characters or Less)

Went to the Long Now talk tonight and took my parents. Unfortunately: way longer than the normal (snappy) Long Now talk. Fortunately: totally awesome subject, and loads of interesting details. The presenter was Alex Wright, an information architect. He’s written a book called Glut about the history of information systems — the deep history. Like, all the way back to bacteria.

My new habit of notetaking is to text messages to myself. Thus you can gauge the interestingness of a Long Now talk by the pile of weird short emails that’s waiting for me when I get back home. Here’s what I’m looking at now:


(Okay, actually, one of them is a note about a dream I remembered during the talk. I’ll leave it to you to guess which.)

Update: Stewart Brand recaps Alex Wright’s talk.

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Bears were always the surrogate for threats and fear in my friend’s dreams. She learned not to overinterpret what they stood for — just shoot the bear.

Whatever the bells are, wherever the dog is … just move past the dread.

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