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Perfect Windsor Knot

This tie-tying tutorial works pretty darn well. I’ve always been a good tier of ties, but I just tried this, and it totally ups my game. (Via.)


FYI: This is the 2000th post on Snarkmarket since its inception!

Yeah, I was going to say something, but approximately 873 of those posts are drafts of long ridiculous musings that I started and never finished.

That’s just like the Snarkmarket equivalent of dark matter… nobody can see it, but it still makes the galaxies go ’round 🙂

But how often do you actually want to tie a Windsor Knot? It’s great if you want a really fat, symmetrical knot. Usually the more asymmetrical, thin four-in-hand seems more apropos, although it can be more finicky. Optimal knot also depends a lot on tie width and material. In practice I never tie a Windsor, although sometimes a Half-Windsor. And I don’t even own a suit!

Have I ever seen you wearing a necktie, Matt?

I’m pretty foppish, so it’s hard to imagine you haven’t … in fact, you definitely have. ASNE, if at no other time!

Here at Current, we were just talking about the potential of a ‘Fops and Dandies’ theme party the other day. Maybe we’ll have to throw one when you’re in town…

“I’m pretty foppish”

Then four-in-hand is definitely the way to go ;b. I’m confused by the “fops and dandies” concept. Does this costume prescription cover both male and female guests?

Good point. What is the female counterpart to a fop and/or dandy?

Dan says…

Matt, I, for one, thank you. The asymmetry of the half-windsor had been driving me nuts, and yet I was up to this moment too lazy to learn how to tie a full windsor.

Laura says…

Fops n’ Dandies don’t care if women show up, they’re too busy admiring each others ascots.

That’s what I was afraid of. Not that I’m not all into ascots.

OTI says…

check out the tip-in ties

Ladies can dandy it up, too. Victor/Victoria, anyone?

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