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In Case Anyone's Wondering …

I’m fine.


Aaron says…

Actually, I was wondering. Glad you’re ok. Crazy stuff.

Sarah says…


This is Miss Thomas from Master’s long ago. I’m so glad you are ok. Mrs. Tome told me you were a journalist in Minneapolis. Over the past year I’ve been reading your very interesting discussions on the “new jounalism/media.” When I saw this tragic story on the news tonight, the first person I thought of was you. I just had to try and find out if you were ok. Thank you for posting this. Just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you. I love being able to read your thoughts, and to see how you have developed that critical and amazingly creative mind that was so evident in those old debating days! Melinda would be impressed – well, maybe not, but I am! You’re amazing!!!

Love you and am praying for you and all my old students,

Miss Thomas (Sarah)

Will Sullivan says…

Great to hear, Matt.

What a bummer of a tragedy.

It doubly freaks me out because The freaking Mothman Prophecies gave me an irrational fear of bridges.

My god! That’s horrifying!

meg martin says…

Thanks, Matt.

So glad you’re okay! (We were worried.)

Thanks for letting us know, Matt. . .your city is in my thoughts & prayers. . .

Donald says…

Thanks for the posting, Matt. I know the odds were slim you’d be on that bridge, but … it’s amazing how the human brain spins out scenarios.

Julie Moos says…

I was sure you were OK (wouldn’t I just somehow know if you weren’t?), but I’m really glad you posted. It’s reassuring.

That comment from Ms. Sarah Thomas above? That’s the secret of life.

Thanks for the good thoughts, everyone. That segment of 35W is close to where I work, although I don’t take it very often. But with as much as that bridge is used, it’s miraculous more people weren’t killed or injured by the collapse.

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