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There Are Alexandrias Everywhere

David Weinberger points to Open Library, a new project to collect all the world’s information about all the world’s books. (Rex mentions it too.) Lots of database nerdery involved, and a lovely design.

Related: I used Google’s book search to actually read a book for the first time recently. I started online, then just went ahead and downloaded the PDF. It was fun!

July 17, 2007 / Uncategorized


My new favorite device? The Nokia 770 Internet tablet. Tiny, wifi-enabled, gorgeous 800×600 screen, and runs Linux, so you can install applications (like an e-book reader!) on it. $140.

Wait, do you own one??

Ya. My only complaints are 1) it’s low in memory, and gets overloaded pretty easily. 2) There’s no version of Blackberry Desktop Manager for it, so it can’t connect to my phone’s wireless network over Bluetooth. But it detects wifi hotspots better than anything, it displays sites like a gem, it handles JavaScript pretty well, and it’s quite responsive. And I can use it as an e-book reader. And there are plenteous apps for it. And it fits in my pocket, sort of.

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