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The Design of Social Life

Why should we train kids to think like game designers? James Paul Gee says:

[G]ame design is a core way of thinking about the world, because, in fact, social policy is exactly the same thing, how to get certain effects when you combine objects and actions under certain assumptions about goals […]

Indeed, in our daily lives, when we are thinking proactively, we look at the world as if we could design the objects and actions around us to achieve certain goals, we “game” it. Game design is, thus, akin to the design of social life.

I mostly just like that last line.

Closely related: That new game school in NYC.

And closely related to that: Gamestar Mechanic. Here is part one of the FAQ: “Players do not just take part in a game that was made for them. Instead, they create their own games to play and share, all within a larger MMO experience.” Go read about it — it sounds totally nuts, in the best possible way.

Finally: One of the people working on Gamestar Mechanic is named Alex Games. That is awesome.

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