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Prediction and Prose

Man, William Gibson is seriously one of the very very best writers working today. I feel like he gets most of his props for his prescient ideas and images, but his prose is near-perfect, too. The only writer I can think of who’s sharper and leaner (if you like that sort of thing — I do) is Ha Jin. That’s important: There are sooo many guys in sci-fi who are full of great ideas but whose words on the page are liked flopping, gasping fish.

Anyway, great interview with Gibson here. Fimocu-links here.

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I haven’t read anything by Kim Stanley Robinson yet, but I’m about to start Forty Signs of Rain. I’m guessing you’ve been there, done that–how does he fit into your spectrum of sharp to pescafloppy verbiage?

Haven’t read him, actually!

You get +10 for ‘pescafloppy,’ though.

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