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Nothing you can tell me will convince me this is real. Nothing.

June 13, 2007 / Uncategorized


Totally real. Also, they’re making a movie out of A SMALLER ONE of those that was photographed.

The stories said this 11-year old shot the hog several times with a .50 caliber pistol. I can’t believe anybody who knows anything about guns believes that.

Check out youtube for .50-caliber pistol videos. Start with this one:

I know I’m not the only one to think this, but doesn’t this seem like a bad sign?

As long as there’s no ectoplasm, I think we’re okay.

We shall see… Best moment from 6:45 into the film:

WISE WOMAN: A mound will be raised and funeral rites performed on this ground where you have fallen. Pass on in peace and bear us no hatred.

NAGO, possessed boar demon, melting: Disgusting little creatures, soon all of you will feel my hate, and suffer as I have suffered.

I gotta watch that movie again. I kinda forgot how deep it was.

Although the dubbing was surprisingly good, for maximum deepness subtitles is probably the way to go.

1. That is awesome.

2. Fill in the non-insiders (e.g. me) … how did you make that? Is there like a YTMND markup language or something?

A YTMND is basically just a tiled image, an audio track, and some zooming text. So once you register for an account (which I did this afternoon) they just have an upload form where you give them the image/sound/text and that’s pretty much it.

I can’t believe I only have 2 stars. I poured my soul into that! Maybe because there’s a standing prohibition on anime on YTMND. That must be it. Otherwise, 5 million stars.

“I was prepared from the moment I let my arrow fly.”

I think Princess Mononoke has the best action-driven opening I’ve seen in animation — like something out of Star Wars. Spirited Away is more meditative and lyrical, but PM is like the best eleven-year-old-boy movie ever.

Speaking of cartoons and memory, I had a chance to watch the 1986 Transformers movie recently. The best part — okay, the best part after the fact that Eric Idle got top billing as Wreck-Gar — was the idea that among all this new, futuristic technology, the primary means of communication would be big cassette-and-antenna boomboxes. I mean, boomboxes and cassettes that turn into robot monsters, but still. It’s all analog.

Uh-oh. Hogzilla hoax update. I mean, it’s still huge. Just not avatar-of-an-angry-earth huge.

Ah hahahaha. You’re totally right about Transformers & boomboxes, Tim. Also, at least half of the Decepticon fighting force was comprised of transforming tapes, which was weird at the time, and is even weirder now.

Pete says…

You obviously have to have something mechanical (therefore analog?) to transform. What would a compact disc or solid state flash drive transform into? There’s no moving parts to transform!

Wow. Not only was that link excellent, it also launches ones into an insane journey through all of the fan-dubbed Transformers videos out there, e.g.

We need a running tally of snarkmarket threads: 1) about transformers 2) about something else but then eventually about transformers.

I interrupted the mozart I was listening to so that I could hear transformers fan dubs. And it was totally worth it. (New mozart addiction: K467, mvmt. 1.)

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