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This Much I Will Concede to New York City

I have long bristled at New Yorkers’ insistence that New York pizza is the One True Pizza and all others are pale imitations (or, perhaps, gross inflations).

Well, I’m in New York, and completely by chance I dropped into Rigoletto on the Upper West Side for a couple of slices. Two bucks each (!), so I wasn’t expecting much.

They were seriously the best two slices of pizza I’ve had in… er… forever.

And Rigoletto isn’t even close to the best-rated NYC pizza place on Yelp. I think I might have to hit Joe’s before I leave.


I cannot believe I am not in Gotham. What a confluence of cosmic karma!!

— L

Even the SHITTY pizza is AMAZING.

Yes — the trick of NYC pizza isn’t that there are many good pizza places, it’s that good pizza (and a particular style of good pizza) is totally ubiquitous. Ditto bagels. The word from locals is that it’s the NYC tap water — Philadelphia has a dearth of both good bagels and good pizza, with a similar history and ethnic mix. The only difference is the H2O.

I, however, refuse to concede that NYC pizza is the best, because, in truth, Chicago and its pizza still own my heart. Of course, in all honesty, Chicago-style and NYC-style pizza are so dissimilar that they may as well be completely different dishes.

Walk yourself down to Joe’s and order yourself two slices of fresh mozzarella. It will change your life. Get your picture next to the Spiderman 2 sign!

Dan says…

Tim’s probably right about the incomparability of regional pizza options. I’ve ingested some excellent slices of pizza in the greater NYC region, and yet they all pale beside a Chicago-style pizza, or even the thick-crusts of Upstate New York.

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