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The Layabout's Tale

All those people just hanging out in the middle of the day… who are they? It is the indispensable job of the reportorial class to actually find answers to questions the rest of us pose idly. Chris Colin does just that over in the Chronicle.

Unrepresentative, but awesome, quote:

“John,” who is 18 and was strolling through Yerba Buena Gardens one Thursday morning, laid out his typical itinerary: “Watch the grass grow, get high, hit on the ladies.”

How does he pay rent? “If you ask 100 girls for $10, that’s $1,000, that’s rent,” he explained logically.

Ah. Right.

Via the Globe’s Ideas section.

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Laura says…

A friend of mine asks a similar question: who are all these people driving in LA in the middle of the day, clogging up the streets? Don’t they have jobs or something? Of course, the appropriate rejoinder is, what were YOU doing driving in LA in the middle of the day?

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