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A Delicate Poke to the Body Politic


The NYT Mag has a great story on Curitiba and its former mayor Jaime Lerner (who Matt has mentioned before), but I’m only blogging it because this one particular line caught my eye:

From blueprint drafts to opening night, the Wire Opera House took about two months to complete. Lerner refers to such projects as “urban acupuncture” that energizes the development process.

Urban acupuncture! As a turn of phrase alone it’s genius, but the underlying idea is pretty great as well.

And, a bit dumbly, I can’t help but think of something almost literally like an acupuncture needle: a thin spike of mirrored steel, maybe about twenty stories tall, built on on a movable platform that you could wheel around to different points in a city. One week it’d be in the richest neighborhood, then in the poorest, then at the geographical center of the city, then at the spot where the city was founded, etc.

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