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Immortal Design

Advancing the argument that good design is bound neither to time nor to technology: Industrial designers choose some favorite products and the best of them are all old-ish.

Then again, maybe it mostly just advances the argument that good photography is everything… I mean, look at that Walkman! Hot!

(Via Core77.)


Laura says…

Tangentially related:

A communication professor of mine likes to tell a story about being asked to serve on a panel that was to come up with a viable way of labeling toxic waste sites so that humans would know not to unearth them centuries from now, when perhaps our current language systems had faded from memory. The panel’s conclusion: the safest thing to do would be to not label the sites at all; no communication is that timeless.

Symbolic communication isn’t the same as design, I know, but I find myself thinking about this little anecdote a lot, and it seemed like something that would be of interest to the snarketeers.

I actually remember seeing some designs from that panel (or something very similar). Most were intended to look foreboding, so they were therefore, of course… totally mysterious and APPEALING! “Ooh, there must be treasure in there!”

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