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A Print-Only Newsletter… Just Kidding

I gotta say, the NYT is doing so many things right online these days. For instance, this blog entry from The Caucus strikes me as pitch-perfect:

We are about 45 minutes away from the start of the big Democratic debate in South Carolina. The Times


I agree with your overall assesment; lots going right at the NYT online.

But doesn’t even this blog effort reflect something of the paper’s traditional distance and hubris? I can’t find an archive of the liveblogging Kit Seelye did, and wanted to ask. Maybe it’s just me, but I searched for a while and never found a way to ask anybody at the site anything …

It’s a good point — the NYT’s innovations have been almost entirely in format, only sometimes in tone and approach, and pretty much not at all in process. Same old one-way system.

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