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Chamber Pop

The Arcade Fire plays a Parisian freight elevator. Not the original plan, but:

We had discussed dates and places, imagining the Madeleine at night, the knoll at the Ile de la Cite, an old cafe, a roundabout behind the Olympia…We checked the weather every day, put to despair by the cold front that’s passing through Paris. We had surveyed the entire inhumane neighborhood from top to bottom, trying to anticipate the crowd, the will power of the group, the cold, and the fatigue. Then suddenly we had a plan. Win asked if there was a freight elevator. We found it, he smiled, and the Take Away Show was no longer in our hands.

Also: Same city, sunnier day, and The Shins hit the streets.

Update: I didn’t even notice the guy tearing pages out of a magazine in the background! That’s the percussion!


Wow. Amazing. Absolutely amazing.

That rules. I love AF.

For my money, the magazine/newspaper-ripping is the best thing going. I love how he keeps losing the beat (when the magazine doesn’t rip right) and then re-finding it.

As for percussion, there’s another member of the band who also keeps time by slapping the top of the elevator.

A well-known band playing with improvised instruments would make a great new MTV show — like Unplugged, but really unplugged. “Unmade,” maybe.

Does MTV still actually air music?

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