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I'll, Er, Pass

Ew! The new U.S. passport is ugly! (Via Kottke.)


They don’t even mention the GPS locator chip and tiny explosive charge in the spine.

Oh hell no! My passport has a picture of Mt. Rushmore in it?!? At least now I have an excuse for hitting it with a hammer or putting it in the microwave.

ugliness aside, I’ll bet YOUR passport doesn’t say, on the inside cover, “This passport is valid for all countries except: Israel” 🙂

alana says…

yeah it’s ugly, but the one i have from 2000 is really ugly too. but it doesn’t have a picture of the moon in it. thats kind of cool. so are there more “icons of america” on the other pages?

i love the sample (washington d.c.) american from the slideshow. accurate.

my mom is still an english citizen and her passport from a few years ago is still pretty much the same as the one she came over here on in 1968. i’m on my 4th one, and they are all completely different.

Julio Martinez says…

I saw the new passports, they seem very… ugly? Aside from the fact that they

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