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Democracy Deferred

Yeah yeah, I know nobody’s interested in Bangladesh, but that’s why I keep posting these links — it’s the seventh most populous country in the world! And it’s a moderate Muslim state! Come on people!

In Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina is one of two women locked in a bitter, corrupt struggle for power that has spanned decades. Now she and other members of her party, the Awami League, stand accused of murder. Somehow I gotta believe the reaction in Bangladesh is something like: “Yeah… no kidding!”

There is actually no elected (or even quasi-elected) government at all in Bangladesh right now; since early this year it’s been under the rule of an interim military government. They’re the ones making the accusation, and cleaning house in general. Details from Foreign Policy.

Back in 2001, I remember hearing many, many Bangladeshis say all they really wanted was a Musharraf-style military dictator: a strong authoritarian who could ensure stability. Looks like they might just get it.

(Murder link via Activate, which is consistently sharp and surprising.)

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