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Help Me Invent a Need for This Tool

Seriously, this 3D scanning/printing stuff is poised to take off. It seems super-exciting, but the problem is, I have no idea what I would actually want to make with a desktop factory. I am sure this simply betrays a lack of physical imagination on my part. Any ideas?

April 5, 2007 / Uncategorized


LPS says…

Two words: GUINEA. PIG.

Actually, I was thinking that the opposite would be extremely useful to us newspaper folks. How much quicker could you spit out an infographic on deadline if you could just scan an object and import it into your favorite 3D illustration software?

Found this:

Know of any others?

Robin, did you go to the Make faire last year? There were some beautiful objects. . .once you see a few, your imagination gets pumped. . .I could think of a lot of molecular models and such I ‘d want to turn out—double helices, protein structures, etc. I think your visual imagination would pick up in 3d very quickly once you had a chance to play.


Free software + webcam + laser = what you want. I can hazard a guess which component will take you the longest to acquire…

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