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Radical Radical Transparency Transparency

I totally do not have time to process this right now, but I’m pretty sure it is awesome:

  1. Wired does an issues on radical transparency. One part is a piece by Fred Vogelstein on Microsoft’s blogging efforts.
  2. Microsoft’s PR firm, Waggener Edstrom, writes up a giant briefing document for MSFT execs on how to deal effectively with Vogelstein.
  3. The firm accidentally emails this document to Vogelstein. Ta-da!
  4. Wired editor Chris Anderson blogs about it.
  5. Fred Vogelstein blogs about it.
  6. Wait for it…
  7. The president of Waggener Edstrom blogs about it!

The whole thing has transformed into a kind of crazy transparency-off. Yes, I have made up my mind: This is awesome.

P.S. Also in this issue of Wired: Clive Thompson quotes me! (I commented on his blog while he was working on this piece.)

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