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Fatal Flaw

Whoah. I just realized something. That News Corp.-NBC-big media YouTube competitor is totally going to use Windows Media, isn’t it? It totally is. Consider this my official prediction.


Tino Klumpen says…

If so, what competition are we talking about???

Flash video, of course!

I’ll take that bet.

(Why do you think that? DRM?)

Tino Klumpen says…

Yeah, that’s what i meant.Is there really competition to Flash Video? Well Windows media isn’t, thats for sure.

Yeah, exactly. They are making such a big deal out of content protection. And as far as I know the only way to protect FLVs is through obfuscation — & once you have them they are totally playable. WMVs on the other hand can be rigged such that they’re useless even after you’ve downloaded them. AWESOME.

Sorta true, sorta not true… or rather, it depends upon their goals. If it needs to be a downloaded, portable file (like a song you buy from iTunes), then WMV is right now the only choice. But if it just needs to be web-capable, the Flash Media Server (a streaming client) would get you the DRM you need:

Also, I suspect we’ll see Adobe release some products (stand-along video player?) this year that complicate this even more.

Ah, but IMHO, it’s progressive-download Flash that’s been the real breakthrough in terms of good user experience. Streaming just never works the way you want it to.

Good point about Adobe products to come, though.

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