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Super awesome new site from the makers of the Democracy Player. What’s interesting is that all of this information was already available online — it was just obfuscated. Eet eez ze power of design…

February 26, 2007 / Uncategorized


Democracy Player looks pretty slick. My understanding is that it is built on a VLC backend? And it adds bittorrent, but I already have a bittorrent client… Anybody wanna give a quick rundown of how this compares to VLC?

Basically it offers a more integrated experience, including an iTunes-style library of your videos.

I have to say, I really like it — the concept and the design — but don’t actually use it much. The Participatory Culture crew imagined an ecosystem of video channels based on this model — high-quality files via RSS and BitTorrent — that just hasn’t really materialized. (Yet?)

OpenCongress looks pretty nice. I’ve waded through the Thomas reports on some bills and it is tricky to navigate, although I wouldn’t say prohibitively so. They should really try to hook up with Metavid and get the video feeds and closed caption transcripts tied in. Sadly, Metavid searches are still deeply unsatisfying; I wonder what the hold up is.

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