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Long Live Looping

I’ve got a new Current blog entry up about this musician I saw on Saturday — a live looper named Dosh. Check it out.


Dosh’s “Um, Circles and Squares” is on my mix tape, which includes only artists from Minnesota, and which some of you will be receiving aaaaany day now… good stuff!

BTW, know who else has crazy looping skillz? Ms. Leslie Feist. It’s much more impressive when you realize exactly how much control she has over that delicate, fractured warble of hers — she can somehow record 8 seriously idiosyncratic, but perfectly harmonious tracks all in a row.

Okay, supergroup time. Andrew Bird, Leslie Feist, and…

William Orbit!

Feist is a looper! Holy moley! I had no idea. That’s great.

I say Bird, Feist, and… Fredo Viola!

Everything good comes back to Minnesota, baby.

Speaking of Minnesota, how about Jeff Tweedy? Or Beck?

Oh yeah, loop musicians. Totally look into Juana Molina and Imogen Heap — both closer to Dosh than Feist.

Saw Heap in SF, WITH Kid Beyond. It was loop-a-riffic.

Some supergroup ideas…

Bird, Feist, and Stephin Merritt. I don’t know if he actually uses loop live, but if he looped his baritone voice and his ukelele it would be AWESOME.

Bird, Feist, and Sam Beam (from Iron and Wine). Likewise, the loop connection is tangential — I just like to imagine Beam and Feist whispering to each other.

Bird and Feist could also teach the way of the loop to Joanna Newsom. Looped, orchestral arrangements of harp and pixie vocals would make at least ten guys I know shit in their pants.

That’s all so homogenous. How about Bird, Feist, and Prince?

Prince deserves a place in every supergroup. And he would make Bird get funky, which Feist already is.

(I don’t think my original three are as homogeneous as they might look. They’re actually all musically and vocally quite different.)

Eletestrat says…

i need to know some good loop devices to invest in. any ideas

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