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Google's Master Plan

Speaking of Google: Scope out this super-slick anti-Google manifesto. Not too deep but wow, that is some fantastic animation. (Unit Structure-iffic.)


I was just going to post this. You might have noticed a hint of homage … one of the first links that flashes by near the beginning is

Eh — the animation is pretty good, but no Minus Kelvin, some limey goof in where you want silky-smooth narration, and half-baked conspiracy theories instead of thoughtful counterfactuals about the contradictions of our shared future.

I’d say EPIC is still in a class by itself.

Whoah — good eye, Thompson!

I feel bad about the ‘not too deep’ line. There’s no need for snark among Google-video-makers… so Master Plan boys, if you read this, ignore that. Your animation is twelve kinds of hotness.

Also ignore Tim’s ‘limey goof’ comment. Man, how did we get so mean? 😉

You know, I didn’t even think that they might read this — yes, everything that looks like dissing is my tongue-in-cheek way of showing my love for Robin and Matt. I’m sorry that THAT is so mean.

ok, I’ve always found myself in a minority with this view, but I’m really profoundly unconcerned about government accessing information about me. perhaps it’s a product of being from malaysia (where we have had ID cards and surveillance for all eternity). perhaps it’s really not having very much logistically to hide (no crimes, no steamy blackmail material, and everything I want to hide is generally of not much use to anyone else anyway — emotions, etc). so by inference, I’m profoundly unconcerned if google has a dossier on me. have that dossier. use it to keep giving me googlygoodness. and at any rate I am highly dubious of all that conspiracy theory flimflam. the CIA? come now.

nonetheless, I agree: that is one severely nubile piece of animation.

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