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A World of Endless Fascination

Yo, I’m back in action over at the Current blog. I’m going to post every Monday — probably something web-nerd-related.

I actually think the question I pose at the bottom of the post is a pretty good one.


I’ve got Nietzsche’s answer to your question up at Short Schrift. I don’t use Bloglines, but Safari’s Live Bookmarks, so I was able to rise to the challenge right away.

The important irony, of course, is that Robin lives in the universe of knowledge Nietzsche approves to a much greater degree than I do. My eruditon is much more old school. But I will try to drag all of you into my self-immolating world of erudition whenever I can.

Speaking of RSS, is there any way I can subscribe just to your posts on the Current blog? I used to like reading it, but when it regularly turned into a couple dozen posts about how awesome the emo band who visited the studio was, I kinda tuned out. Nerds only!

Didn’t you try, and briefly fall in love with, Google Reader? What drew you back to Bloglines? GR’s List View has basically made it possible for me to enjoy RSS again.

Tim, you are awesome.

Matt, I don’t know where you’re getting this “fall in love with” business. I have always scorned it. The truth is I’m just so used to BL’s interface, and so fast with it, that switching costs are very very high.

I went through the process of setting up Google Reader, but I don’t use it. I enjoy going to each blog or news site for my info; I click through the bookmark tabs in my Firefox toolbar (or even type out the url) and read each page on it’s own. In part, it’s because I like the context that the individual site designs provide. Slashdot’s not the same without the comforting green glow. And Snarkmarket without paisley? I can’t imagine.

Additionally, this wandering from site to site feels a bit like going for a walk, and stopping to see all the interesting stuff along the way. I’ll probably switch to GR one of these days and never look back. Till then, I’ll kick it old school.

But I do spend far too much time consuming all this shiny info that’s out there. I’ve got three scripts to be working on, a business plan to write, and a grant proposal to put together. But how do I spend my time? Reading an essay reassessing events of A New Hope in the context of Episodes I-III. (The analysis is very clever, by the way. Check it out.)

I think it’s fantastic that Andy can write “type out the url” and give it the same illocutionary force as he might give “roll out the length of parchment”, “dust the keys on my typewriter,” or “adjust the tuner to my favorite radio station.” What a fantastic world we all live in.

Also, Andy — you need to post something on your blog about that reading of Star Wars so we can talk about it. I have some super-secret theories I need to bring to your attention that compliment that analysis well, mostly involving Lando being a covert operative of the Rebellion. (Why else besides hormones is he so keen on saving Leia at Han’s expense? and how else would he jump so many ranks to become an Admiral?) There are other theories, including Han Solo being gifted with the Force, that are slightly less obvious… but, oh, hell.

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