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Probably the Most Masculine Thing in the Universe

Also, totally what YouTube was invented for: shared videos of the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team doing their pre-game haka. So awesome.

December 1, 2006 / Uncategorized


dan says…

The haka is fierce and amazing. So is the Maori ‘handshake’, called the hongi. You touch your forehead and nose to the other person’s forehead and nose and stare into their eyes. Imagine doing that when you walk into a business meeting to negociate. Bad Ass.

The Maori have an extremely badass culture. The details of their history with British imperialism and the Treaty of Waitangi — and the legal/social ramifications which exist to this day in New Zealand culture — are quite a sharp contrast to the founding of British colonies in America and elsewhere.

ps: link is dead?

Wow. Now I want a full global survey of handshake rituals. What does the variation tell us? Hmm.

P.S. No, just slow I think.

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