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Go Slow, Picasso

Even if this Malcolm Gladwell speech (PDF) was only so-so I’d probably still perfunctorily link to it. So, consider it a bonus that it’s GREAT!

In it he talks about the differences between prodigies and late bloomers in art; as his prototypes Gladwell uses Picasso and Cezanne. (If that’s too boring for you, he also compares The Eagles to Fleetwood Mac and Apple to Dell. And pharmaceutical R&D makes a cameo, too!)

It’s a transcript of a recording, not just a speech text, so it has a really nice rhythm and tone. (Actually, it appears that the transcription was underwritten by the economist who Gladwell cites heavily in the speech… pretty slick.)

Gladwell’s bottom line (which is almost beside the point in a speech as fun and discursive as this): Our culture has gone a little too wild for prodigies. We ought to make room for late bloomers again.

(Points of Note came outta nowhere with this one!)

Update: Rachel applies the Picasso/Cezanne paradigm to academic life.

One comment

Thanks for the credit Rob-o. I’m “coming out of nowhere” with all kinds of poppin’ links for the thinkerati!

Also, the Gladwell speech makes me feel like maybe there’s a chance for the Cezanne-model people like me who haven’t yet made a flash animation that gets cited in the New Yorker.



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