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The Return of Optimus Prime

Michael Bay is bringing Peter Cullen, the original voice of Optimus Prime in the Transformers cartoon series, back for the live-action version. Cullen talks about it here. Revelation: Until recently, he did not really understand how popular Prime was!

And what about the reaction from fans?

I don’t remember any overwhelming reaction from anybody. But then I wasn’t really in any way aware of what the kids were thinking. I didn’t have any thermometer to tell me how popular the show was. I do remember that the movie was not a very big financial success.

Though you must’ve gotten fan letters …

No, that’s one thing about that series. I never saw a fan letter. I don’t know who got them. That’s why I was so surprised so many years later to find out that he was so popular. I didn’t know.

No. Way.

Related: You can submit a line to be spoken by Cullen (!) in a contest over at the Transformers website. I am such a shill but I don’t care. If you had cried in the movie theater watching an animated Optimus Prime die like ten minutes into the first Transformers movie you would totally, totally understand.

Via Cinematical.


Oh dude, I am ALL OVER this movie when it goes to theaters. I can see my wife rolling her eyes at the very prospect, but I have no problem being the oldest dude in the house watching Transformers.

Chloe Sladden says…

Seriously, you only have to see the CGI tests to realize this movie is going to ruh-OH-ck.

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