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You Gotta Hear This One Song, It'll Change Your Life I Swear

In modern movies, especially modern movies by Zach Braff, pop songs are extraordinarily “load-bearing.” Music, not action or dialogue, generates all of the emotion.

I don’t know whether this Garden State remix really proves that point or not, but either way, it just made me laugh out loud. Awwwesome.



Well of course, after Braff’s Oscar win for the Garden State soundtrack, they’ve decided to institute a new “mix tape” category.

thats awesome. but you think that movie was bad about relying on music, check out elizabethtown. every article with cameron crowe about it before it came out, all he talked about was the soundtrack, not the plot, or dialogue. i check imdb, garden state had 18 tracks listed, elizabethtown, 35. 35! (one of which was freebird, and another moonriver, which is just lazy.)

Nothing like Nelly to get the love a-flowin’ 😉

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