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Kitchen Efficiencies

This is an awesome idea: a cutting board with an integrated scale, allowing you to measure your ingredients as you slice ’em.

I’ve long wished that the task of measuring was better integrated into the cooking process. I’ve been on the lookout for a set of containers to hold my flour, rice, sugar and other dry goods, with lids that double as measuring cups. Let me know if you see anything.


August 16, 2006 / Uncategorized


Somebody could totally make money with a ‘kitchen tech’ blog and site. Just sayin’.

That seems like it’s bound to break, b/c the force of chopping will wear out the forcemeters in the scale.

Funny, I cook thoroughly without measurement.

Ah hahahaha, FINE, Saheli, bring us down with your “practical” “consideration.” Next you’re going to say my knife with built-in slice-counter won’t hold up either.

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