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Monkey Island's Maker

Cool interview on Gamasutra with Ron Gilbert, the guy who designed all those great Monkey Island games during LucasArts’ golden age of point-and-click adventures. He sounds some familiar refrains:

Publishers today, if you look at any of the mainstream publishers, they get so fixated on these very large budgets. It’s kind of amazing. For instance, the budget for my game is actually quite modest compared to most, and that’s actually a red flag for them. If you don’t come in wanting to spend $10 or $15 million, it’s like they don’t take you seriously at some level, and I think that’s a real problem.

One comment

Adespen says…

I agree with Ron that the publishers have it round the wroong way. They have the sequelitis (sic) where they go for the licensed game over the innovative. I encoutage you to think of fun experience that is alternative. Look at the success of dance mats, singstar, eyetoys etc.

The web has become a good place to get training and exposure and some colleges and universities (like Deakin–shameless plug for where I teach) are trying for innovation.

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