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Um, Who's Been Using My Computer?

I know it is self-indulgent to post a screenshot of your Firefox tabs, but this made me laugh, so permit me: Ha!


You have to wonder what Adorno would have made of OpenFrag.

Having written widely about cultural forces and a sort of societal impulse toward self-destruction, he might have figured it was worth further study. But he would surely have cautioned, as he did in another case, that “… empirical investigations are not only legitimate but essential, even in the realm of cultural phenomena. But one must not confer autonomy upon them or regard them as the universal key.”

Goldia says…

I keep getting a notice that my mail box is about to overflo, so I deleted just about everything in both my email and the trash plus a few other places and I’am still getting the notice and it shows its still 78%?? where do I go to find out whats going on??

Thanks for your help. Goldia

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