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Facebook Was Before My Time, Too

Holovaty rocks Missouri’s j-school commencement! As you know, I am a huge fan of both Adrian and commencement speeches, so this is pretty much an excellent way to start the week.

Nice shout-out to the PR-flacks-to-be in the audience, too.


I can’t believe Holovaty is younger than I am. Not by much, but younger. Unless he took an extra year or something. Is his YOB 1979 or 1980? Or — gasp — 1981? (Nov 1979 myself.)

Had we previously established that you’ve only got a month on me, Carmody? How did you get a year ahead in school? Winter ’79 whaaat!

Winter ’79 is right, except that I’m thinking about the other winter of 1979. February, bitches!

For the record — January 1981.

In Michigan in the 1980s, you could start kindergarten at four so long as you turned five before December 1. A lot of parents kept their 4-yr-olds at home though, and different states did things differently, so I’m a little young for my grade. I graduated high school June 1997; BA in Mathematics Dec 2000, BA in Philosophy May 2001.

Mr. Holovaty — impressive. Most impressive.

Why isn’t MSU bringing any of us back to keynote? We gave good speeches for commencement and ADS. Well, mine were good.


I guess it’s because the individual colleges usually have graduating students do the keynote solo — and none of us have become Vice President of the U.S. or head of the World Bank or Elie Wiesel or anything like that for the big show.

At least, not yet. I have my fingers crossed for Robin. But not to be Elie Wiesel. That’s taken.

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