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links for 2006-05-10

May 10, 2006 / Uncategorized

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Wow, I totally hated the screed filed under “Journalism, tech should not mix”. The blogger writes a whole line-by-line criticism of an AP story just to point out that the story is anecdotal and misleading. But he doesn’t add any actual insight. Rather, he takes the inherent enthusiasm of “oh boy I heartily believe I am right about something!” and runs with it for 20 odd paragraphs without bothering to prove that he has any idea what he is talking about (on the contrary…).

Anyway, my screed on his screed is only two paragraphs and counting, but I thought I would make a token effort at commenting on the increased reporting of Apple vulnerabilities between 2004-2006. No increased reporting does not mean increased exploitation, but I think the trend is still noteworthy.

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