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'If you go for the ninja, turn to page 108.'

Choose Your Own Adventure books are coming back! And whoah, where’d they score the hip tag-ish site design? And WHOAH, how ridiculous(ly awesome) is it that the company is called… Chooseco LLC??

I predict that the entire stock of these books is going to be purchased by ironic and/or nostalgic twentysomethings. Actual kids will remain glued to the floor of the manga aisle. (Seriously, you’ve noticed that, right? Every big chain bookstore now comes with a sullen teenager pre-installed there. I think they might work in shifts.)

(Via Wordwright.)

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Mike says…

Looking back, I would always go through each possible scenario before my conclusion didn’t result in “trapped in cave beyond rescue. The End” or some variation thereof. Good times.

Well everybody knows that when you die in a Choose Your Own Adventure YOU DIE IN REAL LIFE.

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