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End-of-Week Notes

  • Oh my God! They killed Nnenna! Bastards!
  • Chris Daughtry’s performance of “Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman” on American Idol this week was incredible. It a) made me not hate that song, and b) made me push Chris to the top of my favorites list, even ahead of my beloved Paris.
  • Check it:, from ’05 Poynter summer fellow Will Sullivan.
  • So you wanna blog? LaFry breaks it down.
  • Why didn’t anyone tell me Newsvine CEO Mike Davidson’s blog is really awesome?


I’m so embarrassed to admit I know what you’re talking about when you use words like “Nnenna” and “Snaggle Tooth” and “Bleached Elf-Troll”.


What have I transformed in to?!

(It’s totally gonna be Joanie, btw.)

Chris Daughtry is good, but Paris is going bye-bye tonight. She gonna have a bad day!

::tip of the hat::

Howdy, Matt & Robin.

::secret poynter handshake::

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