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Saturday was the immortal Minnesota Geek Prom. (Full disclosure: Because I’m rumored to occasionally contribute to a so-called “Weblog,” I was given free VIP admission for me and a guest. I took my buddy Nathan, but I would totally have taken you if you’d asked.)


  • I wish I’d been cool enough in high school to be friends with the girl who wears leather to the prom and sneaks in a flask of bourbon. That made the 10-year-old Omnimax movie infinitely more entertaining.
  • Actually, now that I think about it, I did go to my high school “prom”* with a badass, leather-wearing girl. And I was, if anything, slightly geekier then than I was at the actual Geek Prom. So the whole experience was kinda dejà vu.
  • As Alexis notes, I was not crowned prom king, nor was she crowned prom queen, despite the honest-to-goodness Klingon tattoo on her chest, and despite my Buffy thesis and singing of the score to Evita.
  • Chuck Olsen’s hott MNStories video story will give you the best taste of the exuberant mood that reigned o’er the evening. (Look for me very briefly at about 5:04.)
  • Alexis’ photos will give you the best taste of my adorkableness. (Note: there’s also some XXX NSFW geek ass on display. Not mine, though.)
  • While there was an ironic sheen on all of this, there also seemed to be unspoken widespread understanding that yes, most of us present truly were geeks. And we were embracing it. And it was awesome. I’m totally going next year. And I will be King of the Geeks.

* Because I went to a fundamentalist Christian high school, we did not have an actual “prom” with actual “dancing.” Instead, we had the Bible-rific “Junior/Senior Banquet,” typically held at schools like Bob Jones University.

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Oh, come on Matt, did you have pics to post, too?

Because I took those pictures on a disposable 35mm camera, I will have to actually a) finish the roll and b) get it developed and c) get them scanned before they enter digital space. I hear rumors that in places where 35mm cameras proliferate, people generally have b and c done at the same time now, so I’ll look into that. But I still expect you’ll see photos sometime circa 2038.

HEY! I went to that fundamentalist christian high school. And I occasionally weblog. Where are my VIP tickets?

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