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Go Gray Lady Go

Scope the hott redesign. Very clean, in no way trendy.

I’m curious to see what they do with the section currently used to promo the new design; it’s a pretty excellent piece of screen real estate.

New favorite page.

Not sold on NYT video yet. Though I did watch three “Vows” segments last weekend. Um.

I am not sure I fully understand the import of Times Topics but it bodes well. News building upon itself to construct an ever-more-useful framework, vs. flapping silently away into the ether every morning… I vote yes.

Also: The promise fulfilled!


First thoughts:

I kept flipping back and forth at first between and The Onion to see how much Khoi Vinh stole from his redesign of that site. My conclusion was that he didn’t take much at all. And no wonder, he didn’t do the redesign. It was done by an out-of-house design firm, and implemented by Khoi’s team.

I like it. It’s a little astonishing how close the top of the page suddenly feels to the printed NYTimes.

The Video page looks so small and unloved next to the WaPo’s, and takes approximately nine years to load. Why not point it to the Multimedia and Photos page instead?

I hope they bring back the little widget on the article pages that let you go to any other section on the site. There’s a lot of subnavigation unrepresented in that top nav.

The new left nav on the home page is much, much nicer than that godawful 143-link monstrosity the site had before.

I think the Topics index is a big deal, although the individual subject indexes leave much to be desired, especially next to the corollary WaPo pages. But there are many, many more topics in the Times index, which is awesome.

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