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Food Remixed

Both Snarkmasters are big fans of El Bulli, the Barcelona restaurant famous as a kind of food R&D lab. More background here. Will go one day.

But in the meantime, I like this: Jane Pinckard dubs El Bulli grub nerd food. In other words: Isn’t it cool that El Bulli concerns itself so fully with experimentation and imagination instead of just, say, organic simplicity?

Jane writes:

Here in the Bay Area, we live under a tyranny of Alice Waters – a benevolent dictatorship, to be sure, full of good intentions, but her basic philosophy, which has since spread to all parts of the U.S., strictly stipulates that food is naturally good and ought not to be tampered with more than necessary. Good, high quality food can shine best with minimal handling. Her techniques evince a deep respect for the natural structures of meat, vegetables, pastas, spices, and so on. Her food is delicious, and her work with farmer’s markets and school’s eating programs are very deservedly much admired.

But surely there’s got to be good, healthy food that looks forward, too. El Bulli shows the way.

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Aaron says…

If you want to eat some hi-tech food, get some fast-food. Better living through chemistry… I hear the lettuce at McDonalds is produced by nanobots now.

The real trouble is that where pioneers like Adrian Ferran and Heston Blumenthal lead the way, too many uninitiated Acolytes will follow and destroy the movement–see “Nouvelle Cuisine” for a foreshadowing of what will happen. This has actually already begun and we are seeing more and more technology and equipment invade cramped kitchen spaces and chefs with all the best intentions forgoe tradition and wisdom for slow cooked fish and poached eggs which take hours. It’s all suspect and some one will die of food poisoning before it’s all over.

But for now it is good. The masters reign and it looks great at Vegas, baby!

Okay, so I woke up this afternoon to the fact that I completely transposed Ferran Adria’s name above–too much partying at the Seattle IACP Conference and not enough sleep . . . .

So I googled “IACP” and for a second I was like, whoah, what, Podchef is a chief of police??

But then I saw the second result.

Over to the Podchef Show to check this out!

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