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Michael Pollan and the Modern Hunt

Absolutely great story about hunting and a “first-person feast” by Michael Pollan in the NYT Mag. (But of course we love MP here at the ‘Market.)


Hey, did you catch the New Yorker article in December about wild boar hunting? Good stuff.

It was penned by Ian Frazier. Whom, a little bird tells me, also wrote a pretty good article for that magazine about the 13th-century Mongol Invasion of Iraq.

Before the grammar police catch me overcorrecting — that “whom,” above, ought to be a “who”. Wherever that sentence started out, it didn’t end up there.

For the record I did read that Mongol invasion piece and it is, in fact, the best ever. This passage I loved:

Fuelled by grass, the Mongol empire could be described as solar-powered; it was an empire of the land. Later empires, such as the British, moved by ship and were wind-powered, empires of the sea. The American empire, if it is an empire, runs on oil and is an empire of the air.

That paragraph (along with its concluding sentence: “On the world

Dude, little did I realize — I should have read that piece ages ago, b/c Matt mentioned it here! And blockquoted the same passage!

I don’t know if that’s awesome or sad.

Matt says…

A point that the article should have made about descent: Since Y chromosomes are only transmitted father to son, those sixteen million men are just the tip of the iceberg. They’re direct male line descendents of Genghis; the sons of Genghis’ daughters, the sons of their daughters, etc., etc. wouldn’t carry that distinctive Y chromosome, thanks to the intervening female. They’re descendents nonetheless. The estimate of 32 million descendents for Genghis is probably off by an order of magnitude at least.

See this recent Slate article for more on descendents of ancient figures.

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