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What Is Journalism?

A post on MicroPersuasion this morning reminded me of something I ran across a few months ago I thought was amusing and revealing. It’s the definition of “journalism,” from the 2000 American Heritage Dictionary:

1. The collecting, writing, editing, and presenting of news or news articles in newspapers and magazines and in radio and television broadcasts.

2. Material written for publication in a newspaper or magazine or for broadcast.

3. The style of writing characteristic of material in newspapers and magazines, consisting of direct presentation of facts or occurrences with little attempt at analysis or interpretation.

4. Newspapers and magazines.

5. An academic course training students in journalism.

6. Written material of current interest or wide popular appeal.


Newspaper, newspaper, magazine, newspaper, broadcast, magazine, newspaper.


Random thought: newsreel—which is something akin to a podcast in a very weird way–is not on that list. Neither, for that matter, is book.

this reminds me of one my very first blog musing, on a blog that I quickly abandoned hand coding on an old geocities account:

A great panel by the Newsday foreign editor, Dele Olojede, and the Newsday photographer Moises Saman who was held captive by the Hussein government in Baghdad for 8 days along with Newsday writer Matthew McAllester . I found Saman’s slide show presentation, accompanied by his concise and spare “live” narration, very moving and even more effective than if I had seen the same photographs in a newspaper or clicked through the slide show on a webpage. Made me wonder if there’s a future for “live” journalism. Something like the Commonwealth Club, which I’ve only heard on the radio. Saman has told me that he will be exhibiting at the International Festival of Photojournalism in Perpignan, France. There’s no central site to view his work, but here are some of his Newsday journals:

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