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Late-Night Cartoons

So, three shows on Adult Swim that I’ve been TiVo-ing:

20060226_shows1.jpg Samurai Champloo. This show is directed by the guy who made Cowboy Bebop. Both hinge on a central creative juxtaposition. With Bebop, it was space cowboys and jazz; this time, it’s 17th century samurai and hip-hop. Obsessed with the intro sequence.

20060226_shows2.jpg Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. This show is as verbose as its title. And, in truth, it’s usually kinda boring. But somehow, I can’t stop watching. It’s the setting that sucks me in: a blandly realistic future Japan where refugees are the issue of the day and everybody’s got a cyberbrain.

20060226_shows3.jpg Full Metal Alchemist. Talk about settings: This one takes place in a kind of alternate-history Europe where alchemy, not science, rules the day. The byzantine plot hinges on the alchemical law of equivalent exchange: to get what you want, you’ve got to sacrifice something of equal value. That idea kicks off the plot and keeps the story running.


Champloo – Cool show. I dig the animation, and while I don’t really know the story so well since i haven’t watched it from the beginning, it’s still pretty neat

GitS:SAC – The Ghost in the Shell movie was better than this show, but it’s still pretty cool. Also you forgot the “2nd Gig” part of the title.

FMA – I like the show, more now than when i first saw it, since the characters have some depth that isn’t immediately apparent. It has a bit more of the anime exaggeration than the other two shows.

Most of Adult Swim makes me wish i had a Tivo or a Media Center PC: Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Robot Chicken, Futurama, s-CRY-ed, FLCL, the Boondocks.

Maybe i should rejoin NetFlix so i can get the episodes in order and from the beginning.

This is my current TiVo SP list:

You can see it is heavy on the Cartoon Network, especially anime. All three of those shows are favorites of mine, and this season I’ve also really enjoyed IGPX (pseudo-anime, since it was made for CN) and I was glad to have a TiVo when Yuyu Hakusho returned with new episodes – at 5AM on Saturday! (I’d guess it doesn’t rate well, but they already paid for it or something. But I took a liking to it when it first aired a few years ago.)

Naruto is a show I heard about, but hadn’t seen. At first I wasn’t sure about it, but now I look forward to it each week.

I’ve seen Evangelion many times, own the DVDs, etc, but I never really watched the dub – so I’ve been re-enjoying it off TiVo just because.

Thavie says…

Oh my god! Samurai champloo I’m crazy about it. In French, we say “tu as un bon flaire, mon petit!”

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