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Interface 12.0

The future is clearly multi-input touch screen interfaces. I mean, maybe the crazy infrared LED refractimacation causes syphilis or something, thus rendering my prediction totally off-base. But otherwise, just tell me whom to buy stock in, and I’ll start liquidating my 401(k). Just watch the video with a bag around your head, so it’s not too messy when your mind gets blown.

PS: Proof that I am, after all, fundamentally old-school: my first thought after seeing this was, “Whoa! If this stuff were in an e-book reader, we could replicate the interface of an actual book!!”

February 12, 2006 / Uncategorized


A friend of mine is a high school teacher, and in his classroom he has this big projection screen that doubles as a touch surface — so basically you can project a computer desktop onto it and then actually select and click on things using your hand as the mouse.

Anyway, one day we pulled up Google Earth, and MY GOD — to be able to put your hand on that thing and actually PULL the earth around (it helps that Google Earth has that sort’ve intertial feel to it — it speeds up and slows down) — it was incredible.

And that was waaaay low-tech compared to this.

To add a postscript to your postscript: I pretty much decided that, tempted as I am to order the Sony Reader, I’m not getting something like that unless it has screen input. A stylus input on the screen would be key; then the thing is like a Reader and a Notebook combined. I guess you could combine your reader with one of those magic USB write on anything pens?

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