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The 5-7-5 Review

Notes on three books I’ve read recently… in haiku format:

The earth has been wrecked

By the “Afternoon Cultures” —

Time for adventure!

Viriconium, M. John Harrison

Answers to questions

Deeper than Pizza Hut cheese:

This ain’t Dilbert, yo.

God’s Debris, Scott Adams

Books by the window,

Piled up, never to be read?

Yeah, I’ve got those too.

So Many Books, Gabriel Zaid

February 7, 2006 / Uncategorized


How was God’s Debris? My interest was piqued ever since this rather contentious MeFi thread about it. Was your mind blown?

You know, I’m not sure how to think about it — definitely VERY flaky in parts, but sharp in others. I guess on the whole you can’t complain too hard about a book that takes fifteen minutes to read but makes you think all night.

However I do think it’s sort’ve false advertising for Adams to describe it as ‘a thought experiment wrapped in a story’ — because there is no story to speak of. It’s hella didactic.

I’ll only link this once.

You have been warned. The next offense, I release the hounds.

While I happily reject the seasonality imperative, I do actually try to reflect the Japanese notion of ‘cutting’ the poem into two distinct parts.

But seriously Jeff… do I have to remind you I am a haiku contest winner?

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