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Blink Don't Wink™

I am all for the Blink Don’t Wink™ campaign. As The Assimilated Negro says:

There is no situation where a wink is appropriate. There

January 25, 2006 / Uncategorized


Don’t antagonize us, Jeffrey. We’ll cut you.

(For the record, while not strongly pro-wink, I am not on board with this virulent anti-winkism. What would the Anti-Winkites propose as an alternative method for sending a shared secret message? The cough? The nose-scrunch?)

I must disagree. While my only winks are in the Jeffrey semi-colon format, I have received many a wink from a few particular friends that I’m not willing to part with.

The “wink” is also the example used by Clifford Geertz as a semiotically rich social fact, something which needs interpretation and “thick description,” beyond the physical description of the act, in order to properly understand and situate within a culture. Do you want to rob us of our critical exemplars?

i hate blogs says…

I hate blogs you are taking up valuable bandwidth and hard disk space. Thanks for posting the calvin and hobbes cartoon i was looking for it everywhere.

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