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"I Have a Master's Degree… In Science!"

ScienceBlogs actually looks pretty cool. My Bloglines ‘science’ folder just got a lot fatter. (Previously it only had one feed… EurekAlert!)

P.S. Ten Snarkpoints to anyone who knows the source of the headline quote.

January 20, 2006 / Uncategorized


Carl Caputo says…

Googled due to curiosity, so I can’t claim actual knowledge or familiarity here, but I’d guess NPR’s Science Friday and Dr. Science.

Matt says…

Yep, it’s from Dr. Science. I used to listen to that in the car on the way to school back in seventh grade… “And remember, he’s not a real doctor!”

Oh my GOD! I listened to it in the car on the way to school in seventh grade, too! I mean, EXACTLY!

I listened to Dr. Science just before getting into the car. In seventh grade.*

*And also other grades less relevant to the current thread.

My dad forbade me from listening to Mr. Science. He was a little uptight about people making things up and calling them science. He also hated Star Trek and especially “Dr.” Who.

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