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I Think This Might Be Brilliant

“No Animals Were Hurt” is a Flash movie that… how do I explain this… okay, it doesn’t play all the way through yet — but the more people that go to view it, the more of the movie that gets unlocked.

So go check it out — I want to see the rest!

The movie is by Peter Brinson, a student in USC’s Interactive Media Division. Pretty awesome if you ask me. (Though it would be even more awesome if it were a more compelling narrative… a whodunit or something.)

Update: The video got Dugg and flooded with well over 5,000 visitors… at which point the counter reset. Oh HELL no.


I was frame 216.

So, uhm, only 4,784 to go.

devon says…

frame 424

It RESET?!? That is like, worse than the ending of Sega MS Shinobi where you beat the final boss and get the “Game Over” screen.

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