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The Sincerest Form


It’s EPIC for the finance industry! LITERALLY!

Does this mean we just jumped the shark?… or that we’re getting renewed for another season?… or both??

(Via Ben Metcalfe.)

January 9, 2006 / Uncategorized


Where’d they get that janky music? Also, apparently hotshots in European finance have nothing better to do than to talk about betting on football. Which, quite honestly, should be perfectly expected considering every conversation I’ve had with Len about what Wall Street is like.

Other than that, if nothing else, EPIC seems to have created a template for Flash-savvy industry folks to score promotions without doing any real work. Imagine: “The year is 2016. Scholars and historians of the food industry have long debated the consequences of the epochal standoff between Applennigan’s and Chiliback Texas Roadhouse…”

New favorite thing!

We jumped the shark last January, but that didn’t keep us from being renewed for many a season. They need MinusKelvin. And also your Flash production skillz, so their movie can load in fewer than 23 minutes.

I’ll watch the whole thing later, but according to Mr. Metcalfe, the movie represents the thinking of this fellow, who once said, “By combining front office, support and IT specialists in one unit, Digital Markets Revolution is uniquely positioned to build on our considerable expertise and ability to innovate in order to consistently deliver the most efficient and effective site of electronic services to customers and clients.” (Only I bet he meant “suite” of electronic services.) This page would suggest Mr. Metcalfe is right.

Dude, they totally suck. I mean, let me get this straight, they actually propose that sports betting (and hedge strategies) will become a major investment alternative? Bookies are the future of Social Security?

And GoogleBay is nowehere near as cool as Googlezon. 🙂

You could get all “meta” and, like, use the EPIC template to comment on the development of EPIC…Imagine: “It is the best of EPIC, it is the worst of EPIC. In the year 2014, EPIC has been ripped off more times than you can imagine, and everyone has contributed in some way. In 2005, some wankers, I mean bankers, started the ball rolling with EPIC for the financial services industry…”

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