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The Heights of Pop

I totally agree with Michael Idov’s words on t.A.T.u. and the recent spate of critically acclaimed guilty pleasure pop music. “All the Things She Said” was a wonderful song containing, as Idov says, “at least five distinct parts, each catchier than the other.” I’m happy critics recognize this. And having utterly fallen for Kelly Clarkson during the first American Idol, I’m thrilled that she’s recorded such a universally beloved gem of trash-pop as “Since U Been Gone,” even if I don’t much care for the song itself. I look forward to hearing t.A.T.u.’s new album. May they never jump the shark.

One comment

Seeing this post motivated me to dig out “All The Things She Said,” and it really is great. As is this phrase in Idov’s piece:

“Tightly constructed by craftsmen unknown”

Also this snap:

“Whereas sister Jessica has managed to elevate a sort of honed vacuousness to the level of physical comedy, Ashlee appears to harbor no ambition more specific than to be photographed with a microphone.”

I like this guy!

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