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Toys, Post-Terrorism

When I was tiny, among my favorite toys was the Playmobil gas station, which I guess offered its own commentary on the times. But this Playmobil airport security checkpoint set makes me a bit sad. Not Armageddon (that’s so ten months ago), but sad. (Via Off Center.)

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And the idiot grin on the face of the traveler figurine makes it so much more Huxley-ish.

That’s also an additional creep-factor that Legos have, by the way. Even in the war-themed sets — like, pirate ships or catapults… SIEGE MACHINES, people — the people all have the blank little Lego smile. Brrr.

Also — don’t think it hasn’t been noted that the link came from what appears to be the blog of a Minneapolis art museum? What kind of art museum has a blog?? What is this magical place you have moved to?

I was a Fisher Price Little People gal myself, but I would certainly have happily played with you and your Playmobil gas station had I been invited over. And so I too am deeply saddened by the security checkpoint toy.

The Brick Testament characters are notably more expressive, Robin.

Besides, you know, it’s The Bible. In Lego.

Yes, that’s right — modern Lego people have actual expressions, some of them angry. I am SO sure there were impassioned arguments about the introduction of such Lego-faces at Lego HQ. It’s seriously like two eras — Before Scowls (B.S.) and After Scowls (A.S.).

Amanda says…

Does it come with little packets of suspicious powders and drug sniffing dogs? If not, then that’s the crappiest pretend airport security checkpoint I ever did see.

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